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Originally Posted by Pappy35 View Post
I loaded Nova on the store sample and it works nicely. Had a question: There's a screen in Nova settings, I believe it's the Desktop, where it's shows up in red and directs you to close all open apps. When I do swipe away all the open apps, the panel is still red which seems to indicate there's an app open there somewhere. Anyone know what this means?
I can't find that on mine, sorry.

Sounds more like the task manager.

Originally Posted by askerer View Post
Do any of you people know how to get the droid skin on the htc one? Im new to android so plz dont chew me out... help is appreciated!
Welcome to the forums!

No one is going to be harsh here, no worries.

Your description could be read a few ways, let's start with themes.

Please search the Play Store for Nova.

You'll see the Nova launcher (a replacement for Sense home screens) and also a long list of themes that work with the Nova and Apex launchers. View samples of various screen shots, report back if that's on the track you had in mind.

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