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Originally Posted by LoyalServant View Post
I have been looking at the review videos and there are a few AT&T ones out there that make me wonder.
Obviously the reviewers are indoors and several that have been reviewing with a SIM in the phone seemed to have a low signal going by the bars on the phone in LTE mode.

What I was trying to observe is:
- Position of the phone in the reviews hand
- If the phone changed positions in the hand, like portrait to landscape, upside down and so forth had any effect on the signal level.

Basically... looking for "antennagate" symptoms on the One.
I did not see any and the signal levels may all seemed low on LTE but were useable.
The few that were using the overseas model in the states on HSPA seemed to have higher signal levels which I found interesting.

This of course was not a scientific study by any means, just casual observation.
Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
Remember that there is no common standard for the number of bars at a given signal level. So in general you can't compare bars between different phones, not always between different firmware on the same phone. Whether it can maintain a connection or a call is the real test.

I've not noticed much said about LTE reception in reviews, but in the Anandtech review Brian said he was unable to produce a "death grip" effect with cellular reception.
Like Hadron is saying, there is no universal rule or standard and the actual connection(s) quality in relation to "signal bars". It is going to vary for every device, software build, and carrier vs. carrier. It is hard to try to make any sort of guess until the device is in hand and on your own carrier.

In Sprint's case (my carrier; U.S.), for most of their LTE devices, the "signal bars" have absolutely ZERO bearing on the strength/quality of the LTE connection. | Bars Lie for LTE Signal Strength! How to determine your actual LTE signal strength - Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Case in point, while rare, I had a situation just the other day where I had no bars but was maintaining my LTE connection and browsing the internet with little issue.
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