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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
You read it on the internet right? lol Sorry, my batteries have a measurable decline in the typical year I own a phone and I'm pretty sure they don't make special crap batteries just for me. In fact my sgs2 which went to my daughter got to where it wouldn't hold a charge for half a day back at last thanksgiving which is half of your 3 year interval. Thankfully for her she could go buy one and install it herself. She needed no special skills and incurred no other costs than the battery itself.

At any rate if there is something I don't know and I can somehow land one of these endless batteries that never goes bad I and about everyone I know would love to get our hands on one because ours aren't protected by battery fairies and are declining noticeably in a year and usually worthless by two.
Do you actually charge them in line with the instructions though? They shouldn't be left to trickle charge, which charging overnight does. And no, I didn't get that off the internet, I got it from my dual major of electrical engineering and chemistry!
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