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Originally Posted by ParishL31 View Post
Samsung has won my loyalty. My experience with their products are far better than any HTC products. Just my personal experience. With both phones being so similar, that customer loyalty makes the S4 the winner by a long shot in my book.
I can remember exactly the moment when I relieved myself of the notion of brand loyalty.

I used to love AMD Athlon processors because AMD was the underdog who provided a more powerful CPU at a lower price than Intel's Pentium. I just wanted AMD to beat Intel.

But then Intel produced the Core 2 Duo. I was blown away by the performance and power efficiency of the technology. Since that moment, I have only followed the technology, regardless of the manufacturer.

So, although I loved my HTC Desire, I had no qualms in swapping to a Samsung GS3 because, of the available devices, it suited my requirements the best.

Likewise, if another manufacturer produces a phone I like better than the current Samsung, I will swap.

Manufacturers don't deserve loyalty. HTC lost my custom when they removed the SD card slot. When they return that feature, they stand a chance of winning it back.
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