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Because I had a top of the line Epson Scanner that worked far better that the junk that comes with the usual all in one. I use the advance settings. I don't fax. Why should I buy a swiss army knife when I need a single blade? I might just change to a dye sub printer. If I change printers, I don't need another scanner. I don't have to rebuy all the other equipment. I can change pieces and parts at will. I have a laser and an inkjet. I was doing a lot of newsletters at one time, plus a website/newsletter for a local non-profit. (I was a member and could do it free)

I control print through Photoshop. Canon just doesn't fuss. I set things the way we were taught in classes for print. It might not be necessary now, but I like having the full control. Canon never fussed. Even most of the people that were edging for high paying jobs in the design market were impressed with what the Canon could do.

They all used Macs, and only Epson printers. I was the only cross platform - 98SE and Canon.

My 1300 laserjet started to print gibberish the other day. I was using Mint at the time, and when I deleted the job, it deleted. Windows will sit there with the crap in the print queue telling you it is deleting. You have to reboot the computer.
Getting the stupid thing to work in Ubuntu originally was the pits. It wasn't CUPS, it was a different problem. The Canon just worked. The Canon printer also never printed gibberish. If there was an error, it would just say there was an error, and not waste ink/toner and paper. If Canon software could be that compatible, it had to be HP.
I did have an Epson printer at one time - even that never printed gibberish. Also had a Brother Laser that didn't print gibberish, either.

If you work in an office, you use what the office uses. Your boss makes the choice.

For the machine that runs Designers gallery, I see I can get a color ribbon for the old impact printer. You can still get the paper. I don't need anything fancy, just a color chart. I have a USB to LPT1 adapter.

I replaced the original scanner (it died after 15 years) with another Epson. (Canon never released a driver for one of its scanners). Not quite TOL, but has the same software. I didn't have to buy any more printers or faxes. It's also more waste when you need to dispose of them. You have a sheet of glass and other mechanisms to work the scanner.

I needed the stupid printer right away. The camera store wasn't open or I would have bought a Canon i9000. All this damn town sells are the cheap all in ones. Most HP use different carts to boot. Printer was a stopgap until I could order from B&H or Adorama and get MY CHOICE.

The printheads on inkjets wear out as ink is forced through hot. Eventually the holes enlarge. The old HP carts did include new print heads - that was an advantage.
The photo printer does not do this. There are no print heads on the carts, so no advantage.

It's like Android/Apple. I don't like HP. I don't like their philosophy of marketing.
Until someone comes up with a design suite like Adobe for Linux, I'll use Photoshop and Illustrator, plus Indesign. The plugins for all have to be compatible. I can use all PS plugins in Illustrator.
I can't use Inkster in Gimp. I can't hook Digikam to Gimp like Camera Raw to Photoshop. There is no pure printing program that will give me the specs of Qimage. No one really saves to DNG. PNG is usable.
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