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Originally Posted by BKayrac View Post
The antenna's are both sealed with that plastic covering, shouldn't that prevent any issues because you don't actually have contact with the antenna or any metal touching the antenna?
The iPhone had a shorting issue. That's where the deathgrip term started.

In retaliation, Jobs demonstrated that even with plastic covered phones with internal antennas, you could get your hand enough around the device to basically sort of block the signal (hands being full of iron-water (blood) make that possible).

And some all plastic-outside, antenna-inside jobs did show degradation, not to the extent that Jobs claimed, and since then, we always take a good look at new antennas under the Death-Grip®™ name.

LS, I can see your point about gamers - if it matters any, my phone has internal antennas under the end-caps that I regularly shield with both hands, often more so than a gamer might, watching vids during slack time, mine doesn't suffer total signal loss. (Anecdote admitted.)

Not saying the One won't, just saying that may not have to, even in that grip configuration.

(BTW - The antennas are located on the two end caps of the One for those unfamiliar.)

Originally Posted by GeoffBot View Post
I haven't tested this extensively yet but 3g performance seems flaky on the One compared to the sensation. Today I had no internet access on the browser, maps or tapatalk even though my phone reported 3g signal. Would not connect.
At our corporate shops here, they'll run a test they call "an RF box text" - I had a new HTC once with flaky performance compared to my older one. Had the test done, it failed, they replaced it right smartly for me, end of issues.

I encourage that here whenever I hear stories like yours, and I've most always (not always, but most always) have heard back from folks that it was bad hardware.

Just my 2 cents on that.
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