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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
We got the salesmen and the stupid brochures all over the office. Did you ever sit and read all the promotional literature in the box? I read everything.
Ha! No, I don't have to deal with that crap any more.

I happen to like the histograms and curves in Digikam. The lens adjustments work.
The GIMP has/does all of that, too.

I don't care for Gimp. I don't like the layout, the menus - Gimp just looks messy.
If something does not appeal to me aesthetically, forget it. I'll probably delete it.
I just posted another reply about this; please read it!

I'm a fanboy of what works the way I want it.
And I'm a fangirl of what works the way I want--luckily, Kubuntu Linux fills that need for me.

I also don't care if it's free - free might be all well and good for most people, but if it doesn't work for me, then free is no good. I've turned down crap I don't want or won (forum does random drawings, you don't enter) I hate hearing "IT'S FREE" Since I don't want it, I've left more for those who do, or the pigs that snag as much as possible because "IT'S FREE"
Believe me, I understand. Although the software I use the most--KDE, SeaMonkey, the GIMP, among them--is free, I support them financially. For me, it's not that I want a FREE product, as in $$$, but a FREE product, as in no bullshit/strings/crap/bloatware/viruses/etc. attached. It makes me feel good that I get the high quality I expect because of dedicated programmers/developers who make this stuff available, and I reciprocate by supporting their projects financially.

BTW, regarding free things in general. I'm like you, just because something is free, if I don't want/like it, I don't care to have it. I remember winning two things back in the '80s from a radio station I always listened to, one was a pair of tickets to a Yes concert and the other a season pass to Six Flags Over Texas. You know what I did with both? GAVE THEM AWAY! I never was a Yes fan, and after going to SFOT twice, I knew I'd never want to go back.

There is no way that Linux runs any embroidery digitizing apps.
Only because there's no known need for such apps. If enough people voiced a need, I'm sure apps would start appearing.

I have to convert them to vector anyway
I don't really do anything with vector images, but I believe Inkscape works well for them.

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