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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
lol Rolls eyes back at you. As I said, if you call being able to take a charge and then die without use halfway through the day working then yeah, maybe they do last 3 years. Again I entreat you to tell me where you folks are getting these batteries that last 3 years because I am not getting them nor does anyone I know seem to know how to lay hands on one either. Or have you gents hired battery faeries that somehow maintain your batteries in their original condition? Maybe its a locality thing and batteries in the Pacific Northwest simply don't last like they do in other places do to strange and unexplained magnetic fields? lol I mean seriously guys. I'm not trying to be a Richard here but your claim does not jive with my experience or that of any persons experience that I have ever met and I'm fifty and know a ton of people. I'm not quite sure what you want me to make of that but there it is...

Regardless I'm going to give both of you the nod that your word is good and it is as you say because I cannot do otherwise not knowing you personally. This is the best I can do.
Don't think i've ever had a phone for longer than 2 years but i've never bought a replacement battery for any of my phones and never had any of the issues you mention.

Last phone before my Galaxy S3 was an iPhone 4, had it for two years and the battery was as good as the day I got it, in fact it was better than my Galaxy S3 has ever been.

As for the HTC One, it does look good from most angles, I specifically cannot take to the curved back, it makes it look fat and does not appeal to me. I have also never been a fan of HTC phones and heard a lot of bad things regarding them. I was very interested in the front facing stereo speakers which are suppose to sound great but then I asked myself how often I would use them and it's almost never (minus notifications). When I listen to music I always use headphones.

Although the Galaxy S4 has some drawbacks when talking about materials used I actually think it looks better, I like the textured finish and I think on the most part it isn't heralded because of Samsung keeping the same design language from the GS3 / Note 2.

The biggest plus for me is the expandable memory and one of the big things that sold me was the fact it has a larger screen but keeps almost the same size as the GS3.
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