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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
If my judgment on that point was harsh, I apologize.

But it's still flame bait and not funny, and the converse isn't allowed over there either.

No need for a bunch of iPhone ragging when so many Android newcomers are visiting both forums trying to decide.

Android is about choice.

If people have theirs satisfied without a removable battery or sd card slot, then Android still wins. Unless you own a LOT of stock in Samsung, who cares if someone chooses another model?

We've clipped troll wings from both camps, we're equal opportunity on that.
Sans the iPhone joke, more to the point when choosing that folks need to appreciate the lack of an SD card means juggling apps and media. If you like games, a lot are over 1GB, so if you also want to have media on your device, even the 28gb free on the 32Gb version becomes cramp.

2GB caps and the cloud are not practical unless "blessed" with a prolific public wifi range. A lot of areas are not. Even when I was in London last summer we had to hunt for places (will not use much data with international roaming- yikes). Not as practical as using the data radio. Being stuck on the M5 for two hours and other similar places do not have wifi anyway. Added: I was not driving, BTW.
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