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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
I still do not understand why only the China version of the One has the sd slot. HTC put it in that version, so why not keep it simple and have for all? Sales will be constrained without the option, so makes more sense to offer it everywhere.
Sales are constrained for those wanting storage flexibility.

Sales are enhanced for those wanting storage simplicity.

I think it's that second group that you may not relate to, not sure.


Samsung is huge - I think we all know that. They are offering how many storage options for SGS4? 16, 32 and 64 GB plus sd card plus two processors - plus the per-market model variations that they haven't announced yet.

HTC is not huge and offers two - 32 and 64 GB, one processor plus two model variations for poorer markets (the dual-sim/sd card and the 16 GB for Taiwan).

If you want to see HTC maintain quality, expect fewer variations. That lesson they proved to themselves and us already. (Plus, they still have to produce their non-flagship phones, just like Samsung. They're offering fewer of those as well.)

If you prefer the One, but the only-64 GB model is out of the question - or you prefer it and the non-removable battery is a killer - you're out of luck.

If you prefer the SGS4, but the external speakers and lesser microphones are out of the question - or you prefer it and the non-LCD display is a deal-killer - you're out of luck.


If an sd card slot prevents constraining sales, then why has Samsung added to their manufacturing costs by reportedly going with 3 different storage versions??


Markets are like casino tables to manufacturers. They steps up to the table, they pays their money, and they takes their chances.

In my opinion.
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