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Originally Posted by Beards View Post
Yes, unfortunately I'm the one prattling on so I sincerely apologies in advance.
It used to be fine when we had apps like Apps2SD which would at least allow you to transfer Apps and data files to an external card but Google being Google who simply do not like external storage took out the option of App and data transfer with Jelly Bean.

It annoys me no end when on one side we have one telling us we must use internal storage and the Cloud but on the other side we have the manufacturer not providing suffice internal storage and developers giving us great apps at the cost of storage space...... The two just do not meet.

It is a great shame for me personally. I have several medical apps which although are only 50MB in size they however require well over 1GB each of added files, all that have to be stored with the main app.

Oh for a metal S4 (hint.... could be on the cards by the end of the year) with it being a 128GB model to boot.

What I want, no one makes -

  • Sufficient storage so I don't have to manage one single thing, or, as little as possible, much, much less than now.
  • All user storage accessed via USB mass storage, no more MTP, no more special PC add-ons to get to my stuff - all accessible with the world's simplest USB driver for any Windows, and no add-ons for a Mac or Linux PC.
    • This can be done with an extra software layer between the USB port and memory storage, so stop telling me how hardware works, you manufacturers. If you can not figure how to apply an internal client/server model for that, pay me, I'll do it for you.
    • And you can still share storage while connected, just like MTP, only without the Mickey Mousing around.
    • Don't tell me that my internal storage has to be FAT32 to be accessed via USB storage. With a client/server model and a hardware buffer or two, that's not true.
  • If there must be separate partitions for /data (where user apps+data go) and user storage, then give me a slider that I can use any time to raise one, lower the other
  • If that's all one partition, fine. Do not break it into folders and hold my hand with MTP. Did I mention that I hate MTP? Because it basically sucks?
  • No more bragging about how they've done me a favor with the new age of Honeycomb/ICS/Jellybean storage. The file system models are not modern, they're still stone age, better alternatives exist, fix it.
    • Oh, yes you can span internal storage and an external card and address it all as one filesystem as far as the user is concerned. Advanced Linux platforms do this every single freaking day. Don't tell me you can't.
  • Give me that with options that include 96 and 128 GB.
  • If you want to use a card for that, fine. How about making the device recognize SDXC/UHS-1 instead of just SDHC/Class 10 and letting me triple my bandwidth?
    • This just in, we're all sick and tired of hearing that widgets cannot go on to the sd card because of boot-time mounting issues and sd card speed. Fix it, we've only been complaining for years about that.

Except for one component described above, and I could be wrong on even that not already laying around somewhere, all of the technology I describe _exists_.

But it doesn't exist on a smartphone.
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