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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
Inkscape doesn't save in the right formats. It does save vector, but not the right flavor for the Designer suite.
Oh, I see.

While I don't care for MS in general, at least the machine language it uses has opened a lot of doors for very different apps. There were birding apps and lifelists, all kinds of crafting programs, embroidery programs. Recipe organizing programs. Small things that quite a few people will use. There are a lot of niche apps.
Linux has [at least some of] those, too. There are recipe programs/organizers, book/library organizers, ham radio programs, small business management programs, etc.

Open source needs to wake up. I know a lot depends on licensing, but people are starting to use tablets more. One home security outfit lets you control your whole home through your phone or tablet.
I'm guessing you're referring to ADT, right? I have ADT, so I can speak to this. Yes, I can control everything via their Android app on my phone, but I can also control everything simply by logging on via my web browser on any computer. No tablet required.

I see Open Source trying to get games and succeeding. It might just be too little, too late. Open source looks like it might be realizing that not everyone is devoted to social sites, in business, or just wants to check email.
I keep seeing comments like this and they truly baffle me. I've used nothing but *nix for eons, and believe me I do WAY more than just check e-mail or use social sites. I do everything from play games to watch DVDs to create graphics for products name it. I don't get where this gross misconception about Linux comes from.
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