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Originally Posted by Dizzyfish View Post
Unfortunately I cannot be specific because of NDAs, but I work in the mobile phone industry in the UK and get all these devices for early testing. I also see the known issues sent out by manufacturers and networks.

But I can show you this. Same network, both devices right next to each other. I just realised the times are different. I guess that will get the theorists going but this is just because of our testing - I grabbed each off the guys doing them to do this for you.

Both of these are final hardware. The S4 is not final software.
Welcome to the forums!

So, as you've made the claim that theorists won't believe you, I'd like to play.

Are you familiar with unix or its variants? Swell tool it has, called strings, you can use it to pull exif or equivalent data out of a photo in a jiffy. Let's look at yours -

[HIGH]$ strings Img_4206_zps4a27b250.jpg | more
>CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality
$.' ",#
(etc etc snipped)
[/HIGH]That's not JFIF or EXIF data is it? No, that photo has been processed with the GD library (by Tom Boutell, whom I have nothing but respect for having used and recommended his tools myself).

You can do a lot with GD, it's sort of like a photoshop for web developers, I believe that many use it to merge images with logos and watermarks for example.

As I've just now downloaded a few photobucket photos from other members here, I'm seeing identifiers for their phone cameras - so the GD processing was not done by photobucket.

I notice that you list your name for all to see in your profile and it matches the photobucket account you used here. A simple google search indicates that this is your firm and their business -

Home | Lucid CX

Sounds like a VERY good company with innovative solutions to me.

I was especially interested in the part about developing comparative tools.

Now, given that we have several members here who already own the One, and all but one has been happy with its reception (and his does seem to be rather defective by not matching results of others, he's going to get that checked), and given that the timestamps are different, and given that the photo presented was processed and is not raw, and given that LucidCX is in the marketing and customer support fields and not the hardware testing business at all...

I count that as at least three strikes, so I think I'll be among those theorists that would like to take your presentation with a grain of salt.

Let's say a very large grain.

PS - unless you can explain why the shadow made by the light from the right on the One was not diffused by the light from above on the Samsung, along with the other facts I've presented, I think that I'll simply have to call shenanigans here.
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