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Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
We don't know allot about the Exynos version other than it has a slightly faster CPU.

Sites haven't got hold of an Exynos version with final software yet so we don't really know much else, it should be more power efficient though so battery should last longer.

Also I'm not sure the Exynos version will support LTE in the UK.

I don't think the average user would notice any difference between the two, however I'm looking to get the Exynos version
I also heard uncertainty about whether Exynos would support LTE in the UK. Besides, at least from a US perspective, only the Snapdragon version will be available, and I thought internationally only the Exynos would be available. So in a majority of markets, it will either be 1 version or the other.

There won't be many markets I don't think, where customers will have the choice of either the Exynos or the Snapdragon version, they'll only have 1 version available based on the market they are in. In other words, regardless of what the performance comparison says, if most customers don't have a choice which version they can buy then it's almost a moot point isn't it?
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