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I've been a lurker for years When I have the time to post something juicy , I post.
ok so wow. great question:
Can you provide any comparisons on any of that to things we can relate to - the LTEvo or other?
I have the LTEVO and it's faster. (double quadrant) FASTER (Double ANTUTU) FASTER (better LTE speeds somehow . might be a fluke)
Quad Core vs Dual Core is a no brainer.
There's a few apps that you can't uninstall but not a deal breaker at all. The device flies. I am in mostly 4G LTE in Central Texas so my speeds have been great so far. I am currently on WiFi and it's flying too (30 Mbps connection)
Device set up was quite easy. It boots in a flash , especially with Fast Boot enabled.
My daily driver prior was the LGOG which is now my work phone /demo phone / hotspot.
The HTC ONE is built exquisitely. I thought an all glass phone was pushing the envelope and now ZERO GAP technology takes it further. I have played many YOUTUBE HD videos through BOOMSOUND and can't lie. it's loud. co-workers tasked me what the ruckus was. LOLz. The stock beats earbuds are very good too 8/10. i'm no audiophile but ima earbuds / cans whore! i have 3 pairs of cans, 4 pairs of earbuds, and two external aux speakers (chill pills, matrix speakers). the device is very light compared tothe LTEVO and LGOG. Thin perfect edges and just an amazing build all around. the screen is highly responsive and i am slowly starting to like skype all over again vs swiftkey flow ( i haven't installed it yet) wow so much in just a few short hours has happened and it's hard to tell you without more questions so keep them coming and i will keep answering them as much as i can. i have 2 back to back conf calls tomorrow and i will try and use the htc one for both as much as i can! thanks~
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