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Originally Posted by That_One_Guy View Post
If you do break it, and need to have it replaced, it costs $200. It's a deductible, so once you pay it, I don't think you have to pay it again during that year. You can have 2 claims per 12 months. That's what I was told today by an AT&T rep.
I could have sworn it was 5 or 6 dollars per month...

And just to clarify, best buy you can drop at any time as well.

Does anyone else know of other outlets for insurance. I want something close to best buy's (No deductible, unlimited claims ect.) where I can just add it even if I did not buy the phone from them.

Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post

Another one for BEST BUY.

Not sure when this changed,(months,...years perhaps,...IDK),but,BEST BUY has a 14 DAY window to opt for coverage.I think @ one time it was 30 days from date of purchase.

I'm delaying buying it until I actually take delivery of the ONE,being careful to not exceed the 14 DAY window,as I'm not sure if the stipulation applies to date of purchase,or,actual delivery/phone-in-hand.

This may seem pointless,but,I'm just trying to maximize the coverage period for every day that I'm entitled to.

I'll drop by BEST BUY tomorrow to get the details.
I BELIEVE its 14 days from the purchase date as thats what shows up on the order form/best buy receipt. I know its 14 days regardless. But best buy is cool, if you get the insurance through the monthly cost (9.99), if you drop it within the first month, you get refunded the 10 bucks. If you go the 169.99 route (full 2 year coverage) you can also opt out early and receive a prorated refund.

So if you pay for 1 year (roughly 85 dollars) and decide to bail, you get refunded 85 dollars. Or at least that is my understanding. I know we went through a HUGE reform in our return policy (Stupid if you ask me) and some of the details I just cant keep up with. But as far as I know, that is still the plan.

It wouldn't hurt to call them any way
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