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Originally Posted by sikclown View Post
Two reasons I stopped doing this:
1) I have been screwed by stores in the past by them not having enough stock or getting it in around the same time I would have via UPS
2) BestBuy and the Sprint Stores have a nasty habit of unpacking and touching the device first. No one is touching it before me!

Edit: adding a third reason.
3) In the past I have been through some long waits on activation in Stores. I would much rather if there is a problem to deal with it from the comfort of my own home.
Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post
Pre order guarantees you get a phone on launch. Nothing else is promised or implied.

Sik is right, going up to best buy and having the clerk open up My PHONE!! First before me is something I don't care for. I much rather pre-order online and get it in my hands first!

Plus I dont have to take off to go stand in line waiting.... I did that with the first Evo and never did it again...
I agree with the first point, you definitely run that chance. But some people here with a pre order won't get their phone until there is a chance there as well. Plus I personally don't live in a big city so there is a small chance of that happening to me in store if I get there when they open.

In any event....I cannot wait to get this awesome phone!
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