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Originally Posted by Poweranimals View Post
What is AWS out of curiousity?
AWS is a large block of spectrum that was auctioned off 5-10 years ago. Each of the larger carriers was able to obtain some, though T-Mobile probably has more than most. The AWS spectrum is less efficient with respect to penetrating buildings than the 700/800 mhz bands that VZW/AT&T currently use.

VZW owns a large block of AWS, which is sitting dormant right now. However, about a month ago, they promised to turn LTE using AWS on for major markets. What this means is an immediate increase in speed for everyone who has a phone with AWS compatibility because those devices can then use the AWS bands to communicate as opposed to the crowded 700 mhz band that all VZW phones currently use for LTE. The current 700 mhz band is so crowded in larger cities that speeds are a fraction of what they were just a year ago (thanks iPhone 5).

Anyway, the point is that you shouldn't buy a new VZW phone without AWS compatibility if you can help it.
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