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Okay.. some initial observations about the antennas...
This is all observation and in no way scientific.

I have been using a One S and a Nexus 4 in the same spot (here at my desk) for a good long time so I know what the performance of those devices is on HSPA.

The HTC One seems to perform better than the Nexus 4 and One S.

No death grip the signal levels reported in phone info on HSPA are -99dBm.
Not so hot... but it works.
This area of my house is also a bad spot.
If I death grip the phone by holding the top and bottom it will drop to -111dBm
I made a phone call and I really had to work at it to get it to drop the call, even when I got it to -113 it held on for dear life.
The phone like my Nexus 4 appears to REFUSE to hand off from HSPA->EDGE for some reason, it will go into no service before acquiring EDGE.
This is probably network related...

Sitting at -103 RSRP on the desk and a death grip drops to -116
When it's at -103 in this location a speedtest gives me 18 down 6 up
If I death grip it the speed test will drop to 3 down 437kbps up which is still very useable.

I do not have another AT&T LTE device to compare with but on HSPA the One antenna performance is absolutely no problem at all.

Holding in both hands as if to play a game in HSPA and LTE there is signal degradation but it's not severe enough at my desk which is already pretty low to cause a drop out sufficient enough to cause problems.

I would say that HTC has got it figured out....
I will observe it over the next few days and see if there are any issues but so far it's been great.
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