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I've had the phone for a month now and i can honestly say it is still blowing me away. This is just a mini 'update-ette' based on my period of ownership so far.

Still no scratches, gaps, scuffs, dings, dents or marks, but I have put a screen protector on and an XtremeGuard rear protector film on the phone. I don't baby the phone but neither do I throw it about. It occasionally goes in a pocket with loose change or keys and i've dropped it once. After all that it hs no marks on it and I am very pleased indeed.

The battery life is holding steady at about three days of light to moderate use or, more usually, two days of moderate to heavy use, which is absolutely phenomenal. I really can't fault HTCs power management. I'd love to find a Tasker method of turning on the inbuilt power saving toggle overnight but I have yet to find a way (I know I can set up Tasker profiles but i've found that Tasker is a bit flaky if you ask it to do too much).

I'm fed up with Blinkfeed and only having three four rows on the main screen (as I posted in my last review) so i'm still using Nova Prime. In the last two weeks, the phone has stayed rock solid stable without any hiccups at all. It's blisteringly fast and I just can't put it down. I[ve got used to the size (step up in size from my iPhone 5) and it's just about perfect I think. Any bigger and I would dislike it.

I use Quickpic as a Gallery app as I dislike Facebook and the way it 'seamlessly' integrates into your photo album, whether you like it or not.

I'm now getting itchy fingers over rooting the phone and toying with the idea of unlocking the bootloader and installing the Android Revolution ROM. Not that the phone is even remotely bad with the current Stock ROM; in fact, it's awesome but I need to do more research though as if I can find a ROM that removes all the Facebook integration from the phone in its entirety, gives me a Tasker toggle for Power Saving, removes the necessity for Blinkfeed, allows the battery percentage on the status bar and give me five rows of icons on my homescreens without installing a launcher then I would go with that if it also had great battery life and was stable. I'm in no rush though as the phone performs admirably in the extreme as it is.

To all my American friends getting their shiny new Ones now, I hope you love the phone and it blows you away as much as it has me. My thoughts on this phenomenal device are well documented on here should you be interested to read what I and more established and respected members think on the various aspects of the device in more detail, such as in the battery life thread and the camera thread.
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