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If you look at LTE as a base technology it's largely based upon UMTS/GSM technology. It's an evolution of GSM/UMTS technology, not CDMA2000.

LTE is what the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project, the group responsible for standardizing and improving UMTS) designates as their next step. UMTS is the group of standards that define 3G for GSM networks across the world, including AT&T and T-Mobile’s 3G networks. This does not mean a thing to CDMA2000 subscribers, since CDMA2000 is not maintained by the 3GPP. For CDMA2000 subscribers, LTE is the replacement of mediocre CDMA2000 networks offered by Verizon Wireless, Sprint, au by KDDI, and others with a superior cellular telecommunications system offering flexibility and power to the network operator and the subscriber.
Verizon won’t be using the proper network design to handover to CDMA2000 because of eHRPD (Enhanced High Rate Packet Data, essentially an enhanced version of the core packet network for EV-DO), which plugs right into the network in a way that is supposed to replace a UMTS network. By its very nature, eHRPD is rather fragile because it attempts to emulate enough of what the LTE network core expects in a UMTS network to communicate and hand over. This is why Verizon’s LTE service has been breaking down at least once every quarter of 2011. LTE and CDMA handover wasn’t originally designed to work the way it does now, and the way they’ve implemented it is not officially supported in the standard (well, the 3GPP standard, anyway). Unexpected issues arise every time they do some network tweaking because of this. Sometimes the failure can spread to EV-DO and shut it down, leaving only 1xRTT available. However, these issues are largely resolved now, and other CDMA/LTE deployments may rarely suffer from these issues. That being said, CDMA/LTE networks can not be considered as reliable as GSM/LTE networks.
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