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CDMA2000 not old and creaky? I sure think it is when compared to newer technologies such as HSPA+ 42.

1×EVDO Revision A which is what Verizon Wireless uses as their 3G data network is pathetic when compared to newer data technologies such as HSPA+ 21 and 42.

The 1×EVDO standard has no way to upgrade other than go to LTE since CDMA2000 1xEVDO hasn't had any standard upgrades in years. Whereas the HSPA standard has had two upgrades, one to support 21 Mbps and the second to have 42 Mbps. Not only that but if you have a device that's 42 compatible it can connect to a 21-based network, the HSPA network standard is fully backwards compatible.

What do you think the better wireless standard is? I'll give you a hint, it's not CDMA2000.

T-Mobile is deploying LTE even though they don't really need to. Their current HSPA+ 42 network is just as fast as LTE is. They're just doing it because everyone else is and if they don't do it they'll look bad in the eyes of consumers.
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