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Originally Posted by Cbot View Post
Mine dies pretty fast with low usage. Played a game for about 30 minutes and the battery drained 20% and about 20% overnight. I'm quickly regretting this buy solely on battery life. How long do you think you had yours charging?
If it's your first day and first charge, I wouldn't put a lot of faith in the battery stats, the battery is new, nothing's had a chance to calibrate.

GSAM Battery Monitor, free, can help show what's really eating power. If you're going in and out of service in areas where you expect a stable signal, definitely take it back. Nothing eats power like a bad signal situation.

If it's not that and it doesn't improve after a day or two, then looking at a replacement makes more sense.

Meanwhile, GSAM can help see if you have some app or setup going nuts.

I've had that with Google sync on a new phone (brand doesn't matter, can hit anyone). If you see the two circular arrows chasing each other at the top (sync icon) not going away, then settings, Accounts and sync, turn off auto sync, cycle power on the phone, then turn sync back on. That power-killer is a Google sync error.

Hope this helps, welcome to the forums!

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