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Default After 1 hour Review - Please help me like this phone

Ok so I came from HTV Evo 4G>HTC Evo 3D>iPhone 5>Samsung Note 2>HTC One

I'm on Sprint.

I loved the first two phones but they were slower than dirt. i've always hated iphones but I thought i'd give the 5 a try. i returned it after 10 days and got the Note 2. That phone was way too much like an iPhone so i sold it and just received the HTC one today. This phone sucks.

Why would they ditch the wonderfully functional 4 hard buttons at the bottom of the phone?

Basically, i just want my Evo 4g or 3D back but just be faster. And have a fast camera. Gawd the camera on my 3D was terrible. 5 second shutter reset etc...

Anyway, first out of the gate, i can't just press hard button menu>settings to jump to settings real quick. so annyoing. i have to swipe over to apps, scroll down to settings, to enter settings.

i have not figured out a way to organize the app list in a list instead of a grid. for whatever reason i have a difficult time reading through the apps in a grid. I don't like the icons, I just want the name of the app in an alphabetical list.

The back button which on my older HTC devices was on the right side. now it's on the left and is really small it's hard to hit.

The top swipe down tray is basically useless. Most android users are offered a wealth of options in the swipe down tray. really pissed about that.

Amazon appstore doesn't work. the stock keyboard is dog poop so i'm just trying to get into amazon appstore to get Swiftkey 4 which i've already paid for.

I'm tired after a long day of work so hopefully in the morning i will feel less frustrated but so far I hate this phone. I just want my old school goodness with a fast camera and fast operations. i would still be rocking my 3D but i botched the digitizer replacement. grrrrrrrrrr
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