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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
In this shot, it's showing your phone held awake even with the screen off. You've got something holding the phone active that may not be right.
I figured the stream would hold the phone awake while it played?
I am not sure how all that works.. never really dove into the Android code to understand all that power saving stuff.

Above my pay grade

As of now I am sitting at 34% having been on battery for 15.5 hours
6 of those hours I grabbed a power nap before heading to the office to finish up some maintenance then back home so I did not use the phone much.

Just running an NPR stream on the way there and back.
This gsam app is reporting screen on time of 3 hours and "held awake" for 2 hours.
During the 6 hours I was napping it only dropped 2%
I am on target for my 10-12 hours of use.

I never got that on my N4.
I think i got like 7 or 8 if I was lucky and I was charging in the car and at the office to extend that.
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