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Originally Posted by Cbot View Post
I highly doubt HTC will give me a new phone because I'm not getting optimal battery life. I can see them blaming me for it and I'm going to be left with this dud. I'm probably going to go to craigslist in a few weeks if this crapped out battery doesn't fix itself and switch it out with someone for an S4. My first experience with a "high end" smartphone is so far ruined.
Don't blame HTC for a defeatist attitude.

I've had phones exchanged that were defective, no problem.

If you don't want to give your consumer protections a shot, that's your business.

If you don't want to take any advice on this, that's your business. Especially the part about uninstalling that app and giving it time to settle.

But please don't tell us how your supplier will act when don't know and then slag HTC because you don't want to try.

I'm sure that if you continue on your present path, you're going to pay more for an SGS4 - with the same processor and memory architecture - and continue to tell your story.

There's no truth to you being screwed yet.

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