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I'm still running stress test to drain down the battery. Received it yesterday, was at 60% from the box. Charged it up to 100% and then kept it on for another 5hr even after green light indicator went on. I can't sit all day and use it continuously, so I'm running Nova Battery Tester benchmark app. As I mentioned before, it doesn't provide the exact accurate reading of the mAh, but does it's calculation by running a very CPU-intense stress test at full max brightness and everything on (except 4G) for about 2hr at a time while monitoring battery discharge. This is more vigorous than a regular use and I already ran 6 full cycles with battery down to 35% now. I will continue running it down to 2% or so. What I found is that reported mAh capacity is showing consistently 3x or more the capacity of my stock battery I ran under the same test conditions. Doesn't matter mAh reading, it's a relative test and for sure - this ZeroLemon 9300 mAh is at least 3x times the capacity of our stock Samsung 3100 mAh battery!

Here is a screen shot with Nova Batt Tester results so you can see my latest tests with ZL showing triple capacity in comparison to previous stock batt results. Once I drain my battery with Nova stress test, I will post a final screen shot of total battery run time and screen-on time.

Furthermore, I confirmed that ZeroLemon TPU case DOES fit Seidio CONVERT holster. It's not a tight fit, but since CONVERT has a spring-loaded latch which can also be locked, you can definitely use it with a good piece of mind. Here are pictures:

OK, now here is a scoop on Defender mod for ZeroLemon 9300 mAh battery. Yes, I did it, and No, I'm not too crazy about it. I was using a wireless dremel tool holding back panel of the inner plastic case in my hand while drilling with another hand. So, it was all up in the air. I could have done a better job if I had it fixed on the table. It fits for sure, but will take a little time for an outer rubber shell to stretch, I guess. As of now, power button is not easy to push, and only up volume works as expected while down volume I have to press by pushing on the case from behind the button since its not aligned perfectly. For sure, this mod will give you more protection than original TPU case from ZeroLemon, especially higher lip around the screen. And you can also use Defender holster with it, but overall it adds more bulk and fitment is not as seamless. Personally, I will give it a day or two to see how it will stretch (and keep in mind, I'm using HK version of Defender), and then will go to original TPU case. Of course, will be anxiously waiting for ZL new rugged case they are working on due this summer!!!

Here are the pictures of my ZL-Defender mod:

With Defender holster, it only fits face in (and a tight fit) and NOT face out:

.... and here is a final result of Screen-on time!!! We are talking about 20 hours of screen time with 9% still remaining!!! And, I'm not talking about 20 hours (out of 36 hours after full battery charge) of keeping screen on with some light use. About 14 hours of that time was running Nova Battery Test cpu stress test at max brightness and gps/bt on. Pure monster power!

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