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Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
Wide spread? Maybe? Chris Chavez of Phandroid had it on his at&t unit. My cousin is in NJ and has it on his unit, and here in NYC I saw it with my own eyes on a fresh out of the box demo that the Mgr of the store just set up, as well as on his personal device.

I think it could be fairly wide spread IMO on American branded models as HTC did indeed rush this device to market because of production issues, and it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility that these build quality issues may only exist on the first batch of the phones here in the U.S.>>> Which I hope is the case!
I'm just saying that people complain about issues like this and people who don't have the issues tend to move on without posting. This very well could be a large issue.

To be honest, the videos I looked I could barely tell there was a gap, but being a new expensive phone it shouldn't have these issues period. I even put on my reading glasses and double-checked mine to make sure because I started getting paranoid lol.

Mine is the 64GB model from ATT BTW.
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