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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
If my judgment on that point was harsh, I apologize.

But it's still flame bait and not funny, and the converse isn't allowed over there either.

No need for a bunch of iPhone ragging when so many Android newcomers are visiting both forums trying to decide.

Android is about choice.

If people have theirs satisfied without a removable battery or sd card slot, then Android still wins. Unless you own a LOT of stock in Samsung, who cares if someone chooses another model?

We've clipped troll wings from both camps, we're equal opportunity on that.
I disagree that his post was flame bait.

Regarding choice, you're 100% correct, but also ironically HTC One is about "lack of choice".

People go on and on to justify lack of battery / SD card, but I don't understand why they so vehemently rage against useful features for other people.

I have never heard someone using a Note 2 or S3 complain "I hate the microSD card feature, I hate the removable battery!" Guess what, if they don't care about SD card or removable battery, they don't have to use it.

The HTC One, unfortunately limits consumer features that are potentially useful for a portion of the market (myself included).

I was on the HTC bandwagon early and often, but lately I find myself hoping HTC will make a phone that I can seriously consider. Unfortunately they keep shooting themselves in the foot by not including some features that are must haves.

Are we a small minority of the market? I don't know, but based on personal experience of friends / family, the vast whom use Samsung devices, I'd say not.
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