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Default One love :)

Okay so I wanted to write this late friday night, but had some issues activating it so I had to wait until saturday morning to get it up and running, then I was at the waterpark all day, and today I was at church all day, but besides all of that time away from getting to know my One, OMG I love this phone!

I'm coming from the EVO Shift (rooted ) which don't get me wrong I loved that little beast but the second I held the One and looked over at the Shift I was like I was using that toy of a phone this whole time lol
So reguarding size I did have to get used to the lager but wayyy thinner phone, I am a girl so my hands aren't huge lol but day 2 with it I'm getting comfortable with it moving apps in places that's easy to get to without having to hold the phone with 2 hands. That being said I only have/use a screen protector so you better believe I got that kung-fu grip on it when I'm walking around with it.

The things I've heard about the sensitive home/back buttons the paper thing gaps along the speaker grill, jagged/sharp edges, volume rocker stuff, power button stuff, ummm I'm not bothered by it.

sensitive home/back- yes I know what you guys speak of sometimes I hit the sweet spot 100% other times I don't
paper thin gaps - noticed that on my phone but doesn't look like it'll be a problem until I'm up for my next upgrade
jagged/sharp edges- i found that on my One top left corner the speaker grill overhangs just a bit, i don't come in contact in that area much so no big deal
volume rocker/power button- i like how they aren't protruding out and don't care where there are placed, change is good

Blinkfeed not a fan of at all that is far off to the left in a space of oblivion, I don't keep up with news and I don't have FB, I do have Twitter did turn that on but I much rather use the Twicca app (best twitter app out there IMO) so that's about it for that

Sense is fine I've got no issues, I always get a new phone knowing I'll have to get used to different things so I have no complaints about that.
I think the camera is great I'm no shutterbug so I'll use anything actually lol the Zoe is pretty neat don't know the full purpose of it though, it's just like a mini vid right?

All in all I fricken love this phone and haven't even begun to scratch the surfuce of it's awesomeness I'm sure, sound is great, screen is amazing I couldn't ask for more in a phone, I'm so pleased with my purchase of this phone.

I do want to root it soon though, I don't do too much crazy stuff with it rooted flash a rom here and there have the free wireless tether and the ad free app and to get rid of the bloatware of course...but I'm a little weary doing it this time because of having to do the whole HTCdev stuff seems like a long process. I followed a vid on youtube something like root in 7mins for my shift lol hopefully there is an easy way like that for the One I haven't been reading up on it lately but I definitely want to be rooted at some point I just like know that I have that SU access.

This was a lot longer than I thought it be, but again fricken LOVE this phone!
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