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I created a Thread with some Videos that outline the problems with some of the build quality issues, however I didn't know where it is guys...Somewhere merged within one of our other threads if anyone feels like looking.

Anyway I'm sorry to report that I went to my local at&t store yesterday evening and yes they're demo had it the gaps and a few other very noticeable issues as far as build quality goes, this is a different store that I visited the other day. But that's not the bad news...I actually was going to go through with an upgrade and maybe try to over look some of these BUILD QUALITY ISSUES, and the sales rep assured me it was not wide spread what I was talking about...Well we went through 3 freshly opened brand new devices and before activating he allowed me to check all of them...All 3 had the Gap issue and all 3 exhibited a rough surface where the plastic is on either the sides, the top, or the bottom of the phone...One was extremely sharp at the top. Needless to say these build quality issues are unexceptable IMHO and I ended up for second time not picking up a phone that I have been waiting months for.

Is this exceptable to some, maybe, but to me this is 100% not cool and not going to cut it for me. I'm a person who goes through about a half dozen Android phones a year along with IOS devices as well in which I post in another Forum all together. However the point is I go through alot of phones and expect pretty much any device I'm spending good money on whether purchased through retail or with an upgrade to at least be issue free out of the Box. Not the case with the ONE.

I will be skipping this phone and moving along with my nexus 4 and iphone 5 until something else comes out and not be posting anything else about my experiences with trying to buy the ONE twice. Reason being because some people think its just me maybe being hard on a, or my experiences just getting lost in the shuffle somewhere when they shouldn't because I've been a pretty honest contributer the last few years trying to help fellow members really get a feel for a device before they go out and pull the trigger and pick up the device being spoken about. I've done this with god knows how many Android devices the last few years. Either way it's all cool...Good luck peeps.
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