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Google = Nexus.... Android team HATES external storage and have been vocal through the years about it and Google wants some (all really) of the data mining and control of a big piece of cloud storage. Seems a given there will be no sd slot, but the actual device will of course show if correct or not.

Added: In Moto's defense, they wanted things like sd slot and UMS storage, but JB shut UMS out of official support and will be a big surprise if the SD slot survives. Sadly, seems some of the content providers of this blog site support the view as well, based on the One review. Not liking how a few people assume standards upon everyone else. Give folks the choice.

Until wifi is offered everywhere- read: "everywhere" and/or data caps are gone, the cloud is IMO an unfair "burden" on consumers. Give the sd slot so the consumer has the choice. That way, you can use it or not.
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