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So now that I've had the phone for a few days I wanted to give some more initial impressions.

First, like many of you, I'm kinda into smartphones. I live and breathe this stuff. However, unlike a lot of you, I am mostly platform agnostic. I have owned, and enjoyed. *every* platform that has been available for the last 7 years or so. I really don't have a dog in the Android/iPhone fight, for instance. I think both OS's are awesome and we live in pretty cool times when the old OS vs OS fights now center around PHONES WE CARRY IN OUR POCKETS.

Anyway, so now that I've been able to use the One at work, over a weekend, work again I can say the bloom is NOT anywhere near off the rose.

WOW, what a phone!

The phone has taken everything I've thrown at it, ripped it to pieces, and asked me if that's all I got.

Battery life has been pretty good, at least equal if not better than my iPhone 5. And before you ask, I have an exchange server email set to PUSH on it all day, location services, and bluetooth. I usually can make it through a whole work day before plugging it in when I get into my car at night.

This is easily the first Android phone without a replaceable battery that doesn't make me nervous.

The camera: anyone making any claims about the camera that don't end with "one of the best I've ever used on a phone" is just completely full of crap. Sorry, no two ways about it. This is a fantastic camera and puts a lie to the megapixel arguments. I have been blown away by the pics Iv'e taken, especially at night.

I could go on about the obvious stuff, like the build and screen quality. But I won't. What you see is what you get in those regards: they're awesome.

If you're on the fence about this device, don't be. It's a joy, an absolute joy to use.
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