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Originally Posted by SLRdude View Post
download Snapseed and never look back.
I have used a little snapseed on my DInc2, but not real comfortable with it (yet).
Thank you for the recommendation. If you have any other thoughts, please continue to share.

Originally Posted by wayneholbrook View Post
Going to buy the new HTC One today. Just a quick question from a guy who doesn't know about cameras to much. The HTC seems to have a small mega pixel compared to what the SG4 is going to have, I realize that pixels are not everything but overall how would you compare the One's camera to the competition?
I don't mean to be rude, I don't know that much off the top of my head, and I wouldn't have the time to spell it out here anyway (and I would surely screw it up), but there is a TON of info on the Ultrapixel camera on the One out there, comparisons with other cameras, and basic info on the SG4 camera too.
Your best bet is to Google some of it and take what you see as "photographic evidence" for the quality of wha you're looking for.
My understanding of the gist of it is this:
The One's camera will take much better photos in mid to low level light, and the SG4 will likely get somewhat better results in broad daylight. All the info on color saturation, contrast, etc is more than I can spell out here and likely more than anyone else is willing to take the time to as well. Especially when the info is readily available through a little due diligence.
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