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Originally Posted by REkAB View Post

I do however have another question....Is there a way to turn of the backlight on the buttons? If i'm watching a move or video on my phone in the dark the last thing I want to bright glowing buttons. This is really quite annoying. I have tried a back light app which did not work and holding the power button and waiting for the buttons to blink and letting go when they are off, which is pretty much impossible to time. So anyone know of a simplet way to Dim or turn of the back light to the buttons?
I haven't found a way to control them, as yet, either, tho I was wanting to turn them on more! Some of the places I've been two have been light enough for the buttons to NOT come on, but dark enough where I can't see them (disclosure: I where glasses for a reason). So, combined with the smaller footprint that I'm used to and the lighting (or lack of), I'm sometimes literally taking a stab in the dark!
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