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^I agree.

And many apps can't cope with the idea that many phones now have internal storage that per Google (yeah - I know) takes the place of an sd card, and will only write there, even if you have an sd card. So even though adding storage via an sd card is cheaper, it's not the option that serves everyone.

So based on that - where are the 32 and 64 GB versions? How soon will they come?

Originally Posted by Beards View Post
Yes, most people may not need it but read my comments above on App installation with additional Data to see small 16GB storage is not enough.
I don't know who most people are or what they want.

I do know that many apps will use internal storage no matter what sd card you have plugged in, so I agree with you - larger is an important option.

Samsung agrees with us - that's why they announced larger storage versions.

Can't say I'm liking the price differences I'm reading about though.
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