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Originally Posted by Howlingdakota View Post
I was getting the same amazing battery life as Scoot and Crafty and I'm also in the UK. However, I had to return my Silver HTC One 2 weeks ago due to BoomSound speakers making a weird 'popping' sound during video playback and my mics just going dead during calls and video recording.

Anyway, Phones4U eventually managed to change my device when they had stock and graciously gave me a black One as that was actually what I initially ordered but changed to the silver as black was delayed at the time. Immediately I've noticed that my once awesome battery life I had experienced on the silver has not been carried over onto the black.

I've had it for two weeks now and average on 13 hours with 2-3 hours screen time which is NOTHING compared to my previous 30+ hours with 8+ hours screen on time. This is concerning especially for the fact that my usage has dropped compared to how much I used the Silver. I was playing around on the Silver non stop as you can see in my previous battery screenshot posts, I was also streaming loads of video and using the camera very heavily as I had family over at the time and we were constantly going to events.

I have contacted Phones4U again describing my concerns but they want me to perform the HTC battery test using the HTC on phone diagnostics software. If anyone wants to do this you simply open your dialler and hit...
"*#*#3424#*#*" excluding the "" of course. Also bare in mind your battery has to be at least 70% I think, so I have to phone them back when my phones charged to that level.

Will post back when there's an update on the situation
So we are three for three with you UK brothers and awesome 1+ days of battery life, yet the US based users who have been reporting in are not even getting a day. I was hoping one of our radio experts would chime in on this, but it seems to me that this must be radio related.
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