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What a fiasco this HTC/ST/Nokia business is. It's just a mess! If things couldn't get any worse for the HTC One with their delays with the One this is just going to add to their many, many woes.

It's just frankly not good news and they can't seem to catch a break. HTC appear to be blameless on this one but it looks like it will still end up costing them dearly.

Further developments on this situation:

Nokia's co-developed high-amplitude mics retain 10-month exclusivity, HTC has to look elsewhere (updated)

Nokia's injunction yesterday has now been made a little more concrete. The Amsterdam district court has handed down a 10-month ban on STMicroelectronics selling its high-amplitude mics to anyone other than the Finnish phone maker. The same dual-membrane microphone is used in both the Lumia 720 and the HTC One, but Nokia (which co-developed and designed the component) had signed a 12-month exclusivity deal with the chipmaker -- a deal that STMicroelectronics apparently thought was only six months long.
In short, you'll still be able to buy HTC's flagship in the Netherlands with those dual high-amp mics in tow -- at least for now.
So is this only a Netherlands problem or does it affect the HTC One worldwide? Meaning 2-3 months from now we could get the HTC One with a different mic than what they were originally using (ST's)?

Edit: Just done some further research and this ban is global!

[Nokia] said the injunction was effective until March 2014 and would prevent ST Micro from selling the components to Taiwan's HTC globally.
Meaning future Ones produced will contain a different mic altogether. Will it be as good as the original from STMicroelectronics.....who knows, BUT it is one of the major selling points of the phone - Boomsound.

Anyone wanting an original HTC One better snap one up now before they start shipping with the non-infringing but not-as-good mic component. I really do think they are going to have to halt production until the new part is supplied.

If i were HTC i would do a quick deal with Nokia and vice versa before this escalates any further.
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