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Originally Posted by toolwarrior View Post
Ok, so am I putting two and two together and sensing a pattern to this thread? Our brothers overseas seem to be getting days and days out of one charge, but here in the USA, folks are getting hours, not days. Is this an LTE thing? If I were to get the battery life of Scoot or Crafty, I would be lovin life!
We don't have LTE yet in Winnipeg, Canada where I live and so far I've been getting 12-13 hours with extremely heavy use (Streaming video, calls, endless Whatsapp chat sessions, internet browsing, picture/video taking).

In fact, my first go around for battery-testing, I'd pull it out and play with it whenever I thought about it to simulate "heavy use" when in reality it was far more than I'd ever use a phone on a normal day-to-day basis.

I'm at 50% from when I pulled it off the charger at 6:30 this morning, so it's about 10 hours of use. I'd say 90% of that time has been on Wifi, so not even 4G...nevermind LTE.

I'll post a screenshot of my battery use at the end of the day, depending on if I've made enough posts here that I'm allowed to post a picture
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