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Had it for only a day, but I'd like to point out a few things that I have already noticed. Good and bad.

- Build quality, weight, design, looks, "boomsound", battery life, processing power, everything else everybody has already pointed out is accurate.
- The camera is much better than I was using with the horrible EVO 3D, but really was not AS great as I have seen on like the Note 2. Good in low light but has a slight blur even in a perfect outdoor setting. I think I can live with it though. And I know I can mess with settings a little
- Blink feed looks nice but doubt I will ever look at it. Just hope it doesn't affect performance of the phone or battery very much.

- Once again, HTC leaves a very vulnerable camera lens. It seems to be completely flush with the backing and makes me baby it every time I set it down on hard surface. I don't want a case, but plan on getting the Ghost Armor today, hopefully that will protect it enough.
- As much as I love the "boomsound" for videos and music, I find that even the quietest setting on the ringer and notification is awfully loud for my liking since I despise loud ringers but also don't want it just on vibrate.
- You can't change the fixed icons on the bottom bar/lock screen. Loved on the EVO 3D (and others) that you could customize them and even make them folders. Why are they taking away our customizing capabilities when that is what people love about Android? i.e. the bar has the stock browser on it, but I want to use Chrome. But I cannot replace that spot on the bar with Chrome. Now it is just wasted space on all home screens and lock screen
- As my wife pointed out (compared to her EVO LTE), the fixed icons, and many other icons, look very generic and cheap. Not much detail or shadowing on any of them making them look very "cartoonish" as she said. To where the LTE actually looks like a camera or phone as an example.

I'm very happy with it, but made sure I had enough return/exchange time at BB for when the GS4 comes out... Just in case
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