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Originally Posted by foosh View Post
i'm surprised by peoples battery life. i have the htc one and the battery has been great. the moment i bought my phone and took it home, i downloaded hulu and netflix. ran them for 5hrs straight till the battery died. it takes about 2-3hrs to charge my phone from dead to full.

from yesterday, i moderately used my phone, surfing the net, surfing the play store, and a few youtube videos plus the phone being idle overnight without being charged. and today, i watched a tv show via hulu in the morning and more light surfing then it sat idle-uncharged while i was at work. my phone is just now reaching 15%.

i live the US
God damn you're getting good life. Mind posting your settings and downloading GSam battery monitor and then posting screenshots of the app usage percentages and the graphs? I know this seems like much but if you can do this I'd really appreciate it (and others might too).
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