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Originally Posted by chris2k5 View Post
Gizmodo isn't the only one that doesn't like the S4.
Oh yeah Reuters, a well-respected news agency that took this guff as gospel:

The Galaxy S4 is so complicated that Samsung has given it an "Easy Mode" for the less mobile savvy users, Dan Rowinski at technology blog ReadWriteWeb wrote.
"Easy Mode" is a quick-start setup for the home screen and has diddly-squat to do with how "complicated" the phone is. Even the S2 has it with the JB 4.1.1. update so presumably it's present on the S3 too.

A lot of you are mad at reviewers dissing your bias.
Or perhaps mad at half-baked reviews by people who should know better than make assumptions?

In any case people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at others' bias, Chris. Your recent track record of posting in the S4 forum speaks volumes.

Originally Posted by chris2k5 View Post
if you watch video reviews of actual production models, TouchWiz is still laggy. There is stuttering here and there which is pretty shameful in 2013.
I can do better than that; I've actually used an S4 and can assure you that there is no TouchWiz lag. It was just as snappy and responsive as the HTC One and my own Xperia Z.
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