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Personally I think the reviewers give the HTC the nod due to the aluminum body. They are all feeling that "ohhh shiney!" effect. Then put it in a case and never see the aluminum again.
Frankly I worry more about scratching or denting an aluminum body then a plastic one as plastic has more flex to it. But that's just me.

The HTC has better speakers, no doubt about that, but how often do you really use phone speakers? Occasionally I use them when watching some video but most of the time I am on headphones or pluging it into my car stereo. I do think front facing speakers are the way to go though.

All the photo/video recording and movie comparison videos I have seen between the S4 and One clearly look better on the S4. IMO of course.

For the record I don't own a Galaxy S2 or S3 or Note. So I have no reason to be biased to any one phone.
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