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Default Screen protector?

I know there's probably screen protector threads under other phones with Gorilla Glass 2, but I'm having a hard time deciding whether I want to put a screen protector on my One or not. I've already decided I'm not going with a case. I can't bring myself to cover up the great design. If I get a scratch on it or dent it I'll just have to live with it - or get a case or skin at that point to cover it up.

The screen though is a tougher decision. I can't very well cover up a scratch on the screen after the fact (although some have said putting a screen protector on after a scratch will sometimes cover it up). I started off without a screen protector but have one on there now and I clearly like the look and feel of not having one on there. But I also like the idea of it not getting scratched (obviously). The phone is never in a pocket with something else in it, but I know it can get scratched just because of some dirt or grit in my pocket that I didn't know about. So, what's everyone choosing to do? BTW I'm using the Bodyguardz screen protector and it's pretty clear, but obviously not as clear or smooth to the touch as not having one. Any other screen protectors you would recommend?
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