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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
A lot of folks seem to not appreciate that an SD card does NOT add app storage. Offering this model only is nuts and an insult to heavier users.
to the contrary, i think more android users appreciate the difference between on board and sd card storage (when it comes to app use) than you might be giving credit for.

imo the main factor is the type of user. it kinda comes down to gamers and non-gamers.

i'd consider myself a heavy user (mostly business and leisure) and have more than 70 apps installed on my phone (which use ~2gb on board storage), but only a handful of games. media is by far the storage hog on my phone taking up over 20gb. all that stuff can go on an 32 sd card i already have. if i need more media storage i'll get a 64 gb sd card.

i can see gamers who use their phone as their main gaming device having an issue with only 16gb of storage. especially since all that stuff likes to reside in on board memory. but even then, 32gb on board might eventually be too little for gamers. my nexus 7 is my gaming device and since i don't keep much media on it the 32gb on board works.

strategically i think this is a decent move for vzw since it doesn't put even more distance between their release and the other carriers who are releasing before them. who knows why there is a wait for the 32gb s4, but it is odd. the sliver lining seems to be that most the carriers are waiting for the 32gb version and there's the fact that this phone supports sd cards. so based on the type of user, the 16gb will probably suffice for the large majority of consumers.
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