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Originally Posted by aachterhof View Post
Simple, go to Alarm menu, and choose one:
Option A: Sound
Option B: Sound w/ Vibrate
Option C: Vibrate Only
Option D: Silent

Instead, you would have to choose a specific alarm, change the sound to silent, and make sure the vibrate is checked. If you are honestly saying that they couldn't do better in simplifying things just a little, then I think you are only kidding yourself. There are at least 3 places to change volume on things and each place has a different menu and options. I don't want iPhone simple, but some steps to get things done are just out of control. i.e. You can't change the dock apps unless you are in the app drawer. Why???
You still would have to go to the Alarm menu and make a selection. My point is you can't please everyone when designing an OS. Whomever designed the dock did so for a reason. I can see where it would make Sense to do it (pun intended) even if I don't particularly care for it. Agree to disagree.
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