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Just for info............ I now have a 16gb S3. It has, after what the phone uses, 11.95gb internal storage available. Of that 11.95gb I have 7.35gb free space available to me.
I have 268 apps loaded on my phone including: 5 Angry birds Games, Epic Citadel, HD Widgets, Maps, Office Suite, Poker king Pro, Real Racing 3, 3 Temple Run Games, just to name a few, and 10 downloaded pictures, 72 camera pictures (all full res), 164 blue tooth files including 6 large You Tube files, 35 wallpapers, 9 screenshots, and 489 pictures.
All of this is using my INTERNAL memory. My 16gb external SD card has tons of music and such on it. That also has almost 10GB free space!
I know everyone is different in what they need for storage, but I consider myself a phone freak and have lots of stuff on my phone at any one time. 16GB is MORE than enough for me!
I suppose most of those buying the 16gb iPhones, 16gb Nexus phones and the 16gb HTC One have enough space also
I think 16gb is more than enough for most of us. Some will indeed need more
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