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I really don't have a dog in this fight. I have been a Motorola fan boy for the past several years. That said, way back in the pre-android days I had a few Samsung phones and they really kinda sucked. BUT I am willing to forgive and forget.

I have yet to find a good non-biased review of either the SGS4 or the HTC ONE. Not even really a fair comparative.

Now, on the SGS4 camp, why should I go and look at this phone and consider it for my next handset? I do like removable battery and micro sd option, but honestly, neither is a deal breaker (my Atrix HD already took my removable battery away) and I have not had hardly anything on my 32GB sd for some time.

So ... have at it, based on YOUR OPINION, sell me on this phone. Baffle me with facts, stats and personal preference.

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