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Just worked some Craigslist magic. Sold my iPhone 5 for $400 and found a HTC One for $480... not bad not bad for not having to sign a 2 year contract renewal

Set it all up and I echo many reviews. Build quality is superb, it's like an even more premium version of an iPhone but with Android inside and out... perfect. To put it simply, this phone is sexy.

From what I've seen so far in the camera, I really enjoy it. It takes pictures REALLY fast, which is nice (I've had phones in the past that take a lot of time focusing before snapping the actual picture). The iPhone is always good at this, so it's nice that the HTC One is as well.
In regards to picture quality, I had time when I had both phones in my hand for comparison. In darker pictures, it outperformed the iPhone 5. In daylight pictures, it didn't look worse than the iPhone 5... it was definitely less dynamic? but at the same time, it seemed more detailed. To the naked eye, the iPhone 5 pictures look slightly better because they're a bit more enhanced/vibrant... But all the settings and features that most Android cameras have absolutely trumps what the iPhone gives you.

Still tweaking with everything. Some qwerks like the big black menu bar at the bottom for certain apps and photo gallery showing Facebook stuff is kind of annoying, but nothing too bad. I didn't like that the stock texting app didn't have popup notifications, as I use these to quickly reply back to people... so I went and got Handcent. The stock keyboard is okay, but I mean Swiftkey is in a league of its own.

About 8 hours in and I'm loving this phone. Can't get over how sleek it looks and how good it feels in the hand.
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