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I do not think VZW or others (in NA) have intent on selling anything higher anytime soon. The common answer from several stores has been "You can transfer and install apps on the sd card". Their own staff are telling customers this and even a sales rep on a call commented this as well. Scary ignorant and misleading customers.

If you are not a gamer or do not use some of the more data hungry apps, the 9-ish gb free is plenty. There are about 30% (edit: 15% is more accurate) of us (that buy this device segment type) though that do want the additional space for apps. The average EA and Gameloft game now as example is 1.5GB when including data stored by the app.

There is a rumor being pushed by some media the reason the 32GB S3 was retired was demand for bigger storage was nill. This is incorrect. They retired the 32GB to position the 16GB S3 as a lower cost entry contract device now that the S4 has been released.

Catch is there is no 32GB version of the S4 to fill the void. For that matter, there appears to be none anywhere yet.


Wonder why Samsung decided to rush this launch? Bigger display 5s on the way? Doubtful, but you never know.
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